About Me

What's my story?

Meet Amit Singh

Hey there! My name is Amit Singh

I’m a Travel Freak and an Internet Marketer.

I want to share some amazing knowledge I’ve learned affiliate marketing and online business and what it takes to build a profitable online business.

If you’re here right now, something tells me that you have an entrepreneurial warrior within; a drive and passion, and a willingness to LEARN.

But maybe you

  • Are an absolute newbie to the online marketing game and just clueless and confused
  • Need a little guidance and mentoring  for your current business to grow
  • Are angry and heart-broken about the online world

It doesn’t matter what stage you are at right now, you just want to change your life

When I first started in the online world, I tried a lot of things to make it work for me. Just like everyone does, I had shiny object syndrome. The syndrome that kills 90-95% of entrepreneurs online. Always moving on to something new every single week. “New method to make $1000/day!”, “New method to make $1,00,931 by the end of the month!”. Guess what, we’ve all seen it. I’ve been scammed, I’ve been lied to,I h’ve been cheated, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars online on courses, useless traffic softwares, trainings and business models. As a young man, belonging from a middle-class family, this was an insane amount of money for me! All my savings were gone. But, I was too committed to quit so kept working….

And , finally Cracked The Code and learnt what I had to do…

I had to reverse engineer this and learn everything from scratch. No more Done-For-You Systems. No more get rich quick schemes. No more fast results. I finally sat down and decided to learn digital marketing, funnel building, email marketing, video creation and editing and paid ads. And then I realized all these gurus also did the same thing. They didn’t buy a Plug-And-Play system. They learnt everything from ground zero. Of course, this doesn’t mean without guidance, that’s different.

So why do they keep selling you done-for-you systems? Simple? Because it sells! Nobody wants to do the hard work.

That’s why I am here…

To tell you the truth not matter how bitter it is to swallow

I am here to help you make a successful online marketer and achieve success in life and get income at will

I believe in every single one of you…

If you are sick of Done-For-You Systems, get rich quick schemes, overhyped programs, lack of results but still want to be successful in the online world. I suggest you to check out the products I promote and I promise you it will change your life.